Be the wealthy, free woman you were born to be at the Abundance School for Generational Wealth.

Women entrepreneurs making a minimum of $10K a month in their own business, go to the head of the class! 

The Abundance Accelerator is the online course and money mindset transformation experience that delivers literacy and legacy building to bring forth peace in your finances, peace in your life, and peace in your heart. Being relaxed, free, and living richly is our sacred place/role and birthright; own it.

You’ll learn how to:

✏️ release the limiting beliefs that hold us back from creating massive abundance

✏️ clear the fog on money matters and unblock understanding

✏️ price your precious time and services for hire, commensurate with your value

✏️ make itemized deductions your new best friends

✏️ create your own wealth-building outline, the framework for the rest of your life

✏️ put forth a tax plan and repatriate funds previously earmarked for Uncle Sam

✏️ get in a manifesting mood and mindset that creates more money 

Heck yeah. I'm ready.


Plus, the inevitable life bonuses that come part and parcel with this work: 

💎  “CEO Mindset Fuel” in the form of abundance affirmations

💎  mindset detox and resiliency reset

💎  clear money blocks and break the spell of money worry

💎  personal and business finance acumen, BOOM!💥

The next level of wealth and empowered money is on the other side of this course. Are you ready to level up to $1M+ in net worth, including your business valuation, have no credit card debt, and validate living within your means, secured with 1 year savings? One day or day one, you decide.